Your luxury vehicle is a work of art. Only a skilled technician should help you maintain that investment.

Whether you drive a luxury sedan, a road-rugged 4 x 4, or an SUV full of muddy cleats and sticky fingers, on the inside, life happens ― spilled food and drink, dirty shoes, enthusiastic pets, and unfortunate “accidents”.

If you drive an imminent classic or are nurturing a precious exotic for her characteristic beauty, every painstaking detail of that vehicle is built for aerodynamic superiority and customized style; but unfortunately, the Laws of Physics are indiscriminate ― paint oxidizes, metals rust, fabrics wear, and plastics fade.

Known as the Masters of Luxury, Royal Car Care Miami understands that whether your automotive investment is practical to everyday life, a reward for a lifetime of hard work, or a passion come to reality — it is indeed an asset requiring special attention and care.

Only a certified professional detailer and paint correction specialist like Royal Car Care Miami can help you properly protect your vehicle against the things life and the road throw at her. Royal Car Care Miami detailers and paint correction specialists have over 50 combined years of experience detailing, maintaining, restoring, and protecting cars and trucks of every make and model.

From the inside out, our experienced team of technicians, led by Air Force One Detailer Avi Cohen, appreciates the importance of details and they have a passion for precision that makes detailing an art form.

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